Friday, 13 March 2015

AMSA-DONG English tour through my eyes 

Instead of sleeping in this Sunday I went to Amsa-Dong. It is a pre-historic settlement site in Seoul, South Korea that displays pit houses and Neolithic earthenware that were uncovered after the flood in the year 1925 but excavated only years later. Even if you are not interested in Stone Age pit houses the place has a wonderful park and on a sunny day can be a delightful place to walk or have picnic J
I heard about Amsa-dong from ICI world, an NGO committed to promoting Korean culture to both Koreans and those visiting Korea. ICI offers free interactive tours in various historical places in Seoul. One of those tours is held at Amsa-Dong every Sunday from 10am until 3pm. The tours are conducted by a Korean middle-school student and an international volunteer. The main language of the tour at Amsa-dong is English. Of course Korean is used to help the visitors further understand what is said in English if necessary.   
So on Sunday I had the privilege to participate in one of these tours as a co-guide. I enjoyed meeting the youngsters that conducted the tour with me and learning more about Korean Neolithic history as well as culture, language and habits.
It was beautiful to see how appreciative Korean people are of the opportunity to learn new languages and also to ask about my own culture and language after the official part of the tour was over. It was intriguing how surprised the children were to find out that although I speak English I am not necessarily from England, America or Australia. Also, the fact that one can be born in one country while the parents were born in another country and now live in a third country seemed interesting and unusual to the youngsters although it is quite common in Europe.
In my opinion this tour is a wonderful opportunity to expose youngster as well as their parents to the English language and give them an opportunity to freely interact with international people who are not always native English speakers as it was in my case. Also, as the tour is interactive, the visitors learn new words and are encouraged to use them.  
The middle school students that conduct the tour do it as part of their mandatory volunteer service and at the same time learn public speaking and the art of presentation and problem solving. It was refreshing to observe how the students grow in confidence and in their ability to face different listeners with each tour. It is beautiful to watch J
JJJ I look forward to another one of the tours next Sunday and hope to visit other tours that are conducted throughout the city. Why don’t you join me JJJ   

In case you are interested in more information about ICI and volunteering opportunities:

Picture 1: A Korean middle school student explaining the use of stone hammers and other stone tools.

Picture 2: A row of pit houses.

Picture 3: The entrance to one of the pit houses.

Picture 4: Group picture after the tour was finished J

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Volunteering Service on Children's Day

Culture Talk with Global Students- Every Wedsday

Culture Talk with Global Students - Every Wedsday.

Where : ICI office - Anguk Subway Station Exit 1.  2nd Floor of  Starbucks Building.
Time : 7pm

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2011 Foreign & Korean Interns' Meeting

국제교류문화진흥원 인턴쉽 신년 미팅

대상 : 외국인 및 한국 인턴쉽 학생들

목적 : 신년회 및 2011년 계획

          & 친목도모

장소 : 별하당

일시 : 1월 6일 18:00 ~

2011 New Year Intern Meeting

Who : Foreign & Korean Interns

Why : New Year Planning & Party

Place : Byeolhadang Anguk Exit 4 or Jongno3ga Exit 7

Date : Jan. 6th 18:00 ~

Thursday, 16 December 2010

December Volunteers Meeting

Hi fellow bloggers... I hope everyone is staying warm this holiday season.  Anyway, we had a fantastic meeting with several new faces.  I trust that everyone enjoyed themselves and learned a little bit more about our organisation, what we do, and of course made a few new friends.
From Front Left- Carlos(Mexico), 혁인(China), Stefano(Italy), 자자(Malaysia),  Jacklyn(Malaysia), Wing(China), 원장님, Queena(China), and Julia(Russia)

Dinner at Farmers Barn

So after a meeting, some education and discussion, the group, or at least most of them, moved on to Farmers Barn for some delicious hamburgers.  Remember if you wanna do more volunteering, inside or outside, or want you friends to join too, just let us know. Logan.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

September Volunteering

Do you want the chance to help out in Korea? ICI-Volunteers is looking for new foreign volunteers that want to volunteer with us.

If you have some spare time during the week or on weekends and want that good feeling that comes with volunteering then come along to our meeting on Tuesday the 14th of September at 6pm.

We will tell you more about how you can volunteer and will include the chance to
make Chuseok's famous rice cake-Songpyeon. We will also learn some basic Korean history.

Our office is near Changdeok Palace. You can call our office any time or simply visit our blog for the latest information and how to get here.

Volunteering involves speaking English and helping Korean students at various cultural sites around Seoul-so you get the chance to learn more about Korea while you help

**In addition to our regular weekly Sunday volunteering we will also be having a fantastic festival at Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site which you are welcome to come and help out. Remember to contact us as soon as possible so we can give you that chance**
-The dates are as follows; 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, and the festival will be October 9th and 10th -

**Participants will receive a certificate of volunteering**

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Successful Palace Tour

Hi everyone, as you know the past fortnight we have had some special tours for ICI.  The first one being held by our interns for our ICI Members.  This was held at Deoksu Palace, on this day the weather was surprisingly clear.

The interns, who, at that time, were almost finished their internship, did a great job of showing everyone around, even though some members unfortunately couldn't make it.

We also had some special volunteer tours at Deoksu Palace and Changgyeong Palace. I personally had Mariestory classes on those days, but I heard that the classes went excellently, here is a message that I received from one of the people that were lucky enough to go along

"Dear Logan and ICI,
First and foremost, I would like to thank ICI, Logan and two very nice tour guiders for two tours all of you arranged for me and two Indonesian friends. Actually, I have to say that we could not expect that the tours was run very well and two tour guiders helped us a lot to understand about not only Korean history but also Korean culture. We just only thought that there were someone would take us visiting around two palaces and talked bla bla bla. In contrast, your logistic activities and liaison were done very well and two tour guiders could speak English fluently and answered every questions we posed. We have to say that we felt we were going with our__amily members and professional tour guiders, not volunteers at all.

To be honest, I am sure that I will continue to beg for your assistance for some future tours and would you please to update tour information for me. Please send me any news you plan to carry out in the future. It's my great honor and pleasure to know your tour activities.

Once again, thank you very much for your all and I do look forward to hearing from you soon.

With my best regards,

Thanks to those 해설사 for doing such a great job. I have uploaded some photos here for everyone to see, please feel free to click on them and download/see a larger version. Logan