Friday, 28 May 2010

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Hi ladies and gents, long time no talk...

I trust that everyone is good. So the reason I am emailing you is to let you know about our next ICI-Volunteers meeting. it will be held at our brand-spanking-new Korean house. It is near the gs25 that is near our old house.

We will be having a class where we will do some teaching about one of our historical sites in Korea.

Our traditional experience will be making a traditional folk-painting, these paintings are from Joseon times, and can be bought at insadong for 20-30,000 won, obviously for you guys it is free.

The meeting time is 630 on Wednesday the 9th of June and we will got for around 90 minutes, including a small lesson, eating time, and the making of the painting.

As you know we have volunteering at our prehistoric site, from now on we will be giving our volunteers 30,000won for "transportation fee" and of course lunch, volunteering is from 10-3. and on the 2nd and 4th saturday of June. we need just one person for this, with a preference for volunteers that have done it before.

We will also be having our party class on the 3rd sunday from 1:30-4:30, we need around 6-7 volunteers.

We aren't putting up posters etc this time I dont think, so if you have friends that wanna volunteer please let them know, and invite them along to the party. Spread the word....

FINALLY~~~ This sunday we will be having a special tour of Gyeongbok Palace conducted by our graduate students (middle school) we will cover entry costs, this will be an awesome experience, I have been with them on several occasions because of the very fun and informative tours that they do, so please let me know if you can come to this, it will be from 2pm,

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Anonymous said...

Hello, nice to meet you
Im Japanese student who goes to Sogang Langage Centet[Ohakutan] from June [Summer Semi]
Im interested in your activity and wanna know more about it.
I know this by Sogang Langage~ BBS, titled"VOLUNTEERING" posted"2010-06-04 written by ICIWORLD
I would like you to send some messages to

Thank you