Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Welcome to all of our new ICI-volunteers, it is great of you to have come and checked us out on this blog.

To answer some of your questions, we are a non-profit organisation that provides free tours to both overseas visitors and Korean youth (and sometimes adults, too) at a variety of places, the place that we most often volunteer at is Amsa-Dong prehistoric settlement site. We also offer volunteering opportunities at Seodaeumun Prison and some different palaces around Seoul.

We aren't all just about volunteering, we have meetings once a month to learn something about Korea and Korea's history and culture, as well as do some traditional experience, for example this month we will be learning about Korean etiquette and trying on a variety of Joseon Era clothing.

If you want to come, we will be meeting at 6pm at our office (Hanok) you can see the map on the next page, if you are interested in coming, send me an email and I will send you an application form, I look forward to meeting everyone, Logan. ICI-Volunteers.

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