Thursday, 16 December 2010

December Volunteers Meeting

Hi fellow bloggers... I hope everyone is staying warm this holiday season.  Anyway, we had a fantastic meeting with several new faces.  I trust that everyone enjoyed themselves and learned a little bit more about our organisation, what we do, and of course made a few new friends.
From Front Left- Carlos(Mexico), 혁인(China), Stefano(Italy), 자자(Malaysia),  Jacklyn(Malaysia), Wing(China), 원장님, Queena(China), and Julia(Russia)

Dinner at Farmers Barn

So after a meeting, some education and discussion, the group, or at least most of them, moved on to Farmers Barn for some delicious hamburgers.  Remember if you wanna do more volunteering, inside or outside, or want you friends to join too, just let us know. Logan.

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